A Markdown CV builder to focus on your content without distractions

A resume with focus on work experience section
Making a CV in Markdown
Structure your content
Use Markdown's heading syntax (#, ##, ###, etc.) to structure your resume into sections such as "Experience," "Education," "Skills," and "Projects."
Highlight key achievements
Use Markdown's emphasis syntax (*italic*, **bold**, `inline code`) to highlight key achievements or skills that you want to draw attention to.
Include links
Easily embed links to your online portfolio, GitHub, or LinkedIn profile to provide additional context and credibility using Markdown’s URL syntax [text](URL)
How does a Markdown CV generator help you?
Clean and consistent alignment and spacing
Easily change the content of your Markdown resume without having to manually adjust each section and worry about alignment.
For example, if you want to move around a section or delete a section in your resume, you can simply do so without ruining the alignment and spacing of your resume.
A Markdown resume with consistent alignment and spacing
Targeted skill highlighting
Hiring managers get tons of resumes for every job opening. Often, they can only spare a glance for each candidate's application.
To ensure your resume catches their attention, it's vital to spotlight the specific skills and keywords aligned with the job description.
Our Markdown CV builder offers optimized designs tailored to help you accentuate key words and sections, making it easier for hiring managers to quickly identify your suitability for the role
A Markdown resume with skills highlighted with color
Good visual hierarchy
The preset designs use appropriate font sizes, styles for key headings, and other design elements to create a visual hierarchy that directs attention to critical details such as job titles, skills, and achievements.
Good visual hierarchy isn't just about aesthetics; it's about enhancing readability and comprehension.
A Markdown resume of an engineering manager