We help job seekers get closer to their dream job.

As job seekers ourselves, we created Resumey.Pro in 2019 as a side project. Unable to find flexible designs in other platforms, we resorted to creating a product that gave us freedom to change designs at any stage of editing. We also incorporated elements to highlight keywords and give an overall clean and professional look to our resume.

This helped us get shortlisted for interviews. So we thought, why not let the whole world use it? That's how Resumey.Pro was born.


Co-founder - Development
Left-handed | Sketch Artist | Part-time Day Dreamer

Sagar is the technical soul of Resumey.Pro

He has spent over 8 years as a full-stack developer, working across fintech and marketing industries.

He moved to Singapore in 2017 and was previously based in Bangalore, India.

Outside of work, he can be found playing cricket and tennis regularly.

Photo of Sagar holding a tennis racket
Photo of Kavya wearing Resumey.Pro t-shirt


Co-founder - Design, Marketing
Also Left-handed | Amateur Flautist | Serial Snacker

Based in Singapore since 2010, she has worked across banking, consulting and food automation industries.

She is one of the active members of Wannabe Entrepreneur community - a virtual co-working space for early-stage entrepreneurs.

She is inherently inquisitive and loves interacting with people. She considers herself a generalist and is currently in pursuit of finding her expertise in the design field.

In her free time, she loves to dabble in art (henna, sketch and mandala) and play tennis.


1. Emojis

Emojis used on our platform are by Twemoji - a Twitter Open Source project.

2. Illustrations

Illustrations used on our platform or in other social media platforms under the official Resumey.Pro profiles are sourced from Oblik Studio.