Create your minimal resume with Markdown

Say goodbye to templates. Say hello to themes.

Write your content, change themes like Instagram filters, and download.

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Create your minimal resume with Markdown

Why themes not templates?

Greater Flexibility with Themes

With themes, you can change the design at any stage

Unlike themes, templates force you to make a design decision at the beginning and you are stuck with the same design throughout

Altair - Resume Theme Bellatrix - Resume Theme Rigel - Resume Theme Sirius - Resume Theme Vega - Resume Theme

Our Resume Themes

Make your resume more engaging

Even the most text-heavy resumes can stand out if they’re professionally designed with the right colors, text alignment, and typefaces.

Choose a theme for your resume
Tap to use the theme for your resume

Change the design at any stage of editing

What is Markdown?

A simple way to format your resume

If you have ever formatted text on WhatsApp (bold, italics etc), you almost know what Markdown is! 👏

With our Markdown editor, you can format your content with just a few keystrokes.

1 # Heading 1
2 ## Heading 2
3 ### Heading 3

- Bullet points / list
[ Link title ](Url)

** Bold **
_ Italic _
` Tag ` inline code
Minimal writing system - get your thoughts down first without worrying too much about the design.
Hassle-free - No need to fill lengthy forms.
Flexible - Freedom to move your content around.


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