Improve your chances
of getting shortlisted.

Despite having the right skills, your resume may be ‘weeded out’ at the screening stage.
With Resumey.Pro, design beautiful resumes that help you stand out from the crowd.

When you know you’re right for the job,
it’s frustrating to be tossed aside.
An average recruiter looks at a resume for just 6 seconds!
Make yours stand out.
Stand out in a crisp, beautiful manner.
Clean and consistent

Your resume will always have consistent alignment and formatting with Markdown. So you don’t have to worry about it every time you edit.

Get the right look and feel

With thoughtfully designed templates, you can get the desired look within minutes. The templates come with the right combination of fonts and design elements.

Position yourself well

Customize further to package your credentials in-line with the job you want - highlight specific skills related to the role with colours and spacing.

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Save time and effort on designing an impressive resume
Write your content
Use / (slash) commands or Markdown to quickly structure your content.
Pick your design
Fine tune formatting and try out various designs like Instagram filters.
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Customize the designs of your resume
Yass, all done!
Thats it! Now you can download the resume in PDF format.
What's unique about Resumey.Pro?
Complete flexibility

No lengthy forms to fill, no restrictive boxes. The intuitive editor helps you curate your resume as you like.

Save time significantly

Spend less time on creating your resume and more on sending it out. Ready-to-use design templates do most of the heavy lifting for you.

Change your mind anytime

You’re not forced to stick with a design template that you pick initially. You can switch between designs at any stage of editing.

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